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Community Vision Development

Opportunities and Challenges for Glen Rose will be discussed and identified with the Community at Community Forum 2 and through the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee. The Vision Statement will be refined to add applicable principles that will guide the Comprehensive Plan's strategies and actions.

Draft Plan Initial Concepts Review

Draft Comprehensive Plan components will be presented and discussed with the Comprehensive Advisory Committee and then the Community at the Virtual Townhall on Thursday, November 3, 2022.

Draft Plan Review and Adoption

The draft Comprehensive Plan is posted for public review. The Planning and Zoning Commission will review, consider, and recommend the Plan during a Public Hearing, and then go to City Council for their review, consideration, and approval during a Public Hearing.

Kickoff and Existing Conditions

The Comprehensive Plan process will begin with a Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee Meeting, Stakeholder Interviews, and Community Forum 1. The Project Team will gather data and feedback for existing conditions analysis to establish a strong planning foundation.

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